Monday, July 11, 2022

Dear Comrades ,
             As you all are aware, the Department is rapidly moving towards implementations of the recommendations of the Task Force Committee form behind the curtains . Systematic scathing attacks are being made on every wings of the Department  .  The recent orders of migration of POSB into IPPB are nothing but to totally hammer the postal operation, which would ultimately result in reduction of revenue and justification of staff would be questioned , paving way for downsizing of staff .
The long pending demand of AIPSBCOEA to bring SBCO under the control of GM PA&F/AO/merger with Postal accounts is not yet accepted by the Department. Above all the innocent SBCO officials are imposed with recovery under contributory negligence for petty omissions , The cadre restructuring of PA SBCO/ RO/CO/RMS is not yet done.  Almost 5 years have passed since the cadre restructuring of PA PO. This has obviously affected the promotional avenues of youngsters and caused heavy monetary loss to them. 
The delivery system is also revamped ,introduction of Common service centres , Dak Mitra etc which is detrimental to the interests of Postman .
Recently order's have been issued for merger of speed post centres and register post in a single hub , if it is implemented,it would lead to the closure of all L-2 office's in RMS , Section's of RMS have been closed and instead of that Road Transport Network (RTN) has been introduced in the garb of Pandemic .All the wings of NFPE are conducting agitations on their sectional demands .
 In Postal Account's too , recommendations of Charles Lobo committee are being introduced , due to which the threat of Decentralisation of PAOs is looming in large. 
 In view of all above developments in the Department , threats of it being Corporatised in near future is very much there , NFPE had held it's federal executive meetings, thrice in last two month's and had reached an understanding to launch united struggle under the banner of PJCA against this policy of Corporatising the Department .on 3-7-22 ,we had meeting of PJCA at Delhi, in the meeting NFPE was of the view of going for one day's token strike on 4th August alongwith other forms of program's ,whereas fnpo was for going for hunger fast and an indefinite strike from December . However on Monday ie 4-7-22 , PJCA went to meet Secretary Post and DG but couldn't meet , the meeting was convened by the Department on 5-7-22 ,in which FNPO leader's participated in person, only com. Mohanty GS of P4 of NFPE attended the meeting physically , whereas other GS of NFPE & BMS attended online through VC .As usual the official side placed the greener picture of the future,if the policies are implemented , and was not ready to hear/ accede to the view's of stakeholders . However ,after meeting it seems to appear that fnpo was contended with official side assurance and it's version .
 NFPE , holded it's emergent federal executive meeting through VC on evening of 6-7-22 ,and after threadbare discussions , alongwith discussions with Sr leader's and SG confederation has taken a decision to go on ONE DAY TOKEN STRIKE ON 4-8-2022 ,IN SUPPORT OF 20 POINT'S CHARTER OF DEMANDS .
         I REQUEST THE, All India office bearers, CIRCLE SECRETARIES, Regional secretaries, divisional representatives including all the members as a whole  TO MAKE THIS ONE DAY TOKEN STRIKE A GRAND SUCCESS .

General Secretary

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